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  • Nishi Kapahi

2nd Meeting of the Core Committee Members of South Asia Gender Platform held on 8th March 2022

Brief Report

The Core Committee of South Asia Gender Platform came together virtually on the 8th March 2022 to observe the Women’s Day and to discuss the theme “Gender Equality today for a Sustainable Future”. While congratulating the women, the members renewed their commitment to work for gender equality within their respective unions and federations and address the issues being faced by the workers, particularly the women.

In a series of meetings and discussions held with various countrywide groups during the period November 2021 to January 2022, Nishi Kapahi, the Coordinator of the Platform had identified the issues and challenges being felt deeply and widely by the workers. A comprehensive and consolidated list of six of these issues was placed before the Core Committee which is as under :

1. STOP : Discrimination, ensure Equality of women and others with men

2. ORGANISE to Build Union Numbers

  • ORGANISE to increase Power

  • ORGANISE to build Workers’ Voice

3. ENSURE : Workers’ Voices are heard

  • ENSURE : Representation for Women/others/men

  • ENSURE : LEADERSHIP Quotas ? (Women/others/men)

4. CREATE : Resources to Step up the reach of the unions

5. MOBILISATION of workers

6. STOP / END / ELIMINATE Gender based Violence & Harassment

The members of the Core Committee agreed to support the above demands of the workers and to work around these issues in the years to come.

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