South Asian Workers Gender Platform

The platform focuses to promote gender equality and eliminate all forms of violence and harassment at workplaces against workers in South Asia. Launched with the initial support from Dutch Solidarity Support Organisation Mondiaal FNV,  the lead has been taken by the National Union of Seafarers of Sri Lanka. We expect the trade unions in South Asia to take measures to promote gender sensitive and safe working environment for workers, especially in addressing violence and discriminations faced by workers (male, female and LGBTQI+) with essential union structures.

The Platform is open to the member affiliates of the Asia-Pacific International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC-AP) through SARTUC (South Asia Regional Trade Union Confederation) with particular focus on Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. 

Participation is open to the members of:

  • National centres and their members from various sectors

  • Global Union Federations and affiliates

  • Government and their institutions: legislative bodies, administrative services

  • Employers and their institutions/platforms at different levels

  • Other civil society organisations working on issues of women and gender

  • Research institutions and academic institutions

  • Multilateral organisations including International Labour Organisation (ILO)


The Internal Complaints Committee is only for women, as a trans woman I wanted to file a complaint against a male worker who was making me feel uncomfortable by making sexually colored remarks. But I was not allowed to.

-27 year old transgender woman working as a Research Assistant at a University in S. India 




National Union of Seafarers of Sri Lanka (NUSS) provides safety, security and protection in the choppy maritime world and a union dedicated to working towards and fighting for quality jobs with better pay and conditions for them, of course, with due recognition and respect for their rights and dignity.The NUSS envisions being a true social partner in the maritime industry’s social dialogue process, delivering social security and welfare to all workers employed in it, whilst at the same time being sincerely committed to work towards preventing marine pollution, reducing the carbon footprint of the shipping and fisheries industries and their sustainability.

Mondiaal FNV is part of the FNV trade union confederation. Mondiaal FNV supports projects in over 100 countries located in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe through resources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, of FNV and its affiliates. Mondiaal FNV works outside of the borders of its country. But it also advocates and campaigns in the Netherlands to support workers and unions in developing countries, so that their voices can be heard.